Telecom Modular UPS

When AC steps over DC

Usually, you secure an AC load from a DC infrastructure with highly efficient inverters. However, this solution is not suited for larger sized operations, when the ratio between the AC loads and the DC loads is in favor of the AC loads!

Also, you might not always have a DC infrastructure on site to leverage.

Using its TSI Technology, CE+T Power developped a Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution that will bring you the best of both worlds :

  • True scalability
  • No oversizing
  • Load surge handling
  • Versatile backup times
  • Increased battery life
  • Comprehensive disturbance rejection

Standardized yet modular solutions

The Agil Modular UPS will cover your power needs from 20kVA to 640kVA with 3 different cabinet-based solutions:

  • Agil 60 will be the ideal solution if you never expect your load to exceed 60kVA
  • Agil 160, allowing up to 160kVA in just one cabinet!
  • Agil 640 is the ultimate solution for loads up to 640kVA
Which model best fits your needs?
AGIL 60 AGIL 160 AGIL 640

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