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1 program, 2 teams, 4 weeks

Company life • 30.01 2020

We are in a continuously changing world where our customers have evolving and specific needs that we want to smartly answer. For that reason, we need to be as flexible and fast as possible. This is why we initiated a program among CE+T Power Belgium employees called “Corèdje”.

What is Corèdje ?

Corèdje is a contraction of Core and Edge but not only: it also means courageous in Walloon – old French spoken in Wallonia (Belgium). Indeed, this program encourages our team members to explore the edge of our core business and develop disruptive solutions. However, it takes courage to step out of our comfort zone (our core business).

The challenge is to realize a prototype of an innovation solution, from scratch, in only 4 weeks.

First run

Two teams took part in this first session and met the challenge. Two prototypes, answering different customer pains, were presented to a jury. Members of the jury were other CE+T Power employees with various profiles, functions and experiences (CEO, Product Manager, Engineer, …).

This first experience was a success and showed that we have the necessary resources to be able to understand our customers’ pains and provide a disruptive solution to remove them.

PoC Session - team 1
Rathna, Song, François, Pierre, Felipe and Satarupa


PoC Session - team 2
Julien, Quentin, Gilles, Thierry and Toufik

Stay tuned, you may have other information about this project soon!

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