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Grid-interactive certification for Sierra

Products • 03.04 2023

Have you ever heard about grid-interactive ? Nowadays, the collaboration between the grid and prosumers with excess energy is possible through the “grid-interactive” functionality of energy storage systems. Discover how CE+T’s bi-directional power converter, Sierra, is playing a key role in this solution. It can provide benefits such as increased energy efficiency, improved grid stability, and revenue generation.


Unlocking Collaboration Between the Grid and Prosumers

It all starts with two observations:

  1. Everybody has alluded to the need for electrification and replacement of fossils fuels. However, the grid infrastructure is not ready to handle the huge amount of electricity it represents.
  2. Storage systems are becoming popular for businesses and homes to store energy from solar panels for a future use.

Based on these facts, we see an interest for these two parties to collaborate. On one side, the grid has a demand for energy while on the other side the prosumers have an excess of energy that can be stored and managed. Regulators have taken proactive measures, such as implementing grid-interactive certifications, to facilitate this collaboration.

The grid-interactive functionality

Concretely, what does the “grid-interactive” functionality bring?

EN50549 and VDE4105 are two of several standards for grid-interactive energy storage systems. These certifications ensure the safety, interoperability, and compatibility of the systems with the electrical grid. They aim at harmonizing the technical requirements for the connection of Decentralised Energy Ressources (DER) capable of operating in parallel with the grid.

Concretely, the “grid-interactive” functionality of an Energy Storage System allows it to work seamlessly with the electrical grid. This functionality provides several benefits:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: By storing excess energy generated by renewable sources, grid-interactive energy storage systems can help to reduce energy waste and increase overall energy efficiency.
  • Improved Grid Stability: By providing a stable source of energy and releasing stored energy back into the grid when it is needed, grid-interactive energy storage systems help to stabilize the electrical grid, even out the fluctuations in the grid caused by the unpredictable nature of renewable energy sources and reduce the need for traditional power plants.
  • Revenue Generation: Some power utilities offer incentives for prosumers with grid-interactive energy storage systems to participate in balancing services, providing an additional source of revenue for these prosumers.

To put it briefly, the “grid-interactive” functionality of an Energy Storage System plays a key role in the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy future. Moreover, it provides many benefits to both prosumers and power utilities.

How can CE+T help you?

Our bi-directional power converter Sierra is at the heart of the solution. The Sierra has three ports: one DC port and two AC ports. The DC port is used to connect batteries (or other storage systems), one AC port is for connecting to the grid, and the other AC port is for connecting to loads. All the ports are bi-directional, meaning that the power can flow in both directions.

With our Sierra bi-directional converters, energy can be transformed from AC to DC and from DC to AC. This allows us to charge our batteries with energy from the grid (when it is cheap) or from solar panels. When the batteries are charged and the loads receive the necessary power, we have the possibility to feed back the excess energy into the grid.

This is the grid-interactive functionality. Our Sierra 25 – 48/230-277 as well as Sierra 25 – 380/230 power modules are now certified EN50549 and VDE-AR-N-4105. Moreover, coupled with our monitoring & control solution, Inview, the solution can be connected to an external Energy Management System (EMS) to optimize the process of reinjection depending, for example, on the weather forecast.

Of course, that’s only one of the many benefits Sierra can offer, such as:

  • Provide a service to the network and receive compensation
  • Maximize the use of your renewable energies
  • Charge the batteries when the electric rate is low
  • Secure your critical loads in case of power outage
  • … and many more !
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