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Meet Helmut Katzmann: Regional Sales Manager for Germany

Company life • 09.07 2024

With Ralf Hemecker moving to our sister company Jema, a spot opened on the team for the German market. We are excited to introduce the newest member of our Sales team: Helmut Katzmann. Get to know Helmut as he discusses his professional journey, his goals, hobbies and more in this interview. 

Helmut KatzmannTell us a bit more about your background 

I attended college in Germany studying electrical and energy systems, initially to become an electrician. Afterwards, I completed my mandatory military service. Instead of pursuing a career as an industrial electrician, I started working at a distribution company. In this role, I handled Sales, Product Management and various other tasks, given the small size of the company. It was here that I first encountered power supply. This led me to various other positions in several companies for the next 26 years which were dedicated to the telecommunications power supply industry.

What led you to CE+T? 

I have been in touch with CE+T for professional purposes for many years through my previous roles. I admired the products, the people, the atmosphere. When the opportunity arose to join CE+T Group, it felt like the right move.  

What are your expectations for your role at CE+T? 

Coming from a very large company, I often felt restricted and unable to explore beyond my defined role. I found this unsatisfying and hoped for more flexibility. I like discussing with the entire chain of people from the technical side to the client. I look forward to fostering closer working relationships. I want to contribute to creating unique, suitable solutions for our clients. This involvement and collaboration are what I expect most and what I hope to achieve in my role at CE+T. 

What drives you about being a Sales Manager? 

Success is a major driver for me. There is no better feeling than working hard, navigating challenges, and ultimately securing a client or contract after months, sometimes a year, of effort. The sense of accomplishment, especially as part of a team, is incredibly rewarding. It motivates me to strive even harder for client satisfaction. As a Sales Manager, this feeling of “We did it!” is unmatched. 

You are also working parttime for our subsidiary Gertek in Germany. How will this benefit these goals? 

Being in Germany, people may already know Gertek, which can open new opportunities for the CE+T Group on the German market. My dual role allows for an even greater synergy between our companies as I will be working closely with Max (Gertek’s CEO and CE+T’s Sales Manager for DACH market). For our customers, this means direct access to both companies’ expertise and products, creating a win-win situation. It all fits together perfectly. 

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I am a family man at heart, I got married in 1990 and was blessed with two daughters. I enjoy sailing on the weekends. I also have a passion for model trains. While it may seem unusual, model trains help me relax and clear my mind. I can spend hours working on it, the precision required is very calming. 

Do you have a motto you live by? 

Stay true to yourself. In Germany, we also have a saying that roughly translates to “When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, you should have a good feeling.” 

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