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Meet Max Warmuth, our new Sales Manager for DACH market

Team • 11.04 2022

This is Max Warmuth, our new Sales Manager for DACH market. Our German colleague, based in Nürnberg (Germany), recently joined CE+T Power to strengthen our sales team.

Our new Sales Manager for DACH

Tell us more about you

What have you studied?

I studied electronics and information technology. My thesis was about “Maintaining the availability of critical infrastructures in the age of digitalization”. I analyzed how to maintain business continuity in the case of blackout events.

Where did you start working?

After my training as an electronics technician I was working in the telecommunications, datacenter and industrial sector as a project manager for AC and DC UPS systems and batteries.

Give us some insights about your career

I had the chance to learn about the market from different perspectives. During my training as a service technician, after that as a project manager at customer site, then as a project engineer at a manufacturer and finally as a sales representative in several positions. I really love what I do and I’m still learning every day!

Are you drawn to the world of energy?

Indeed I am! As I explained I’ve been into it since my studies and since then I’ve been working in the field. It’s probably not a coincidence as my father and grandfather were both working in the telecom sector.

Starting at CE+T Power

How is it so far?

It is better than expected! What I particularly like is the speed of decisions and actions which are possible due to the company structure and organisation. Moreover, I received a lot of support from my colleagues since my start at CE+T Power. That’s really helpful and appreciated.

What are your expectations?

The demand on myself is to grow the DACH market (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), expand the successful relationships and develop new fields. This is a real challenge ! Moreover, I see many exciting developments to which CE+T Power can contribute suitable solutions.

What is exciting about being a Sales Manager?

I have worked as Sales Engineer for about 2 years. What I love the most about the position is finding solutions, getting to know many different people from different cultures, always have an eye on the market,… All this makes a lot of fun and I wouldn’t like to miss it!

What are your hobbies?

I like sports like Judo, bouldering and cycling. I also spend a lot of time with my family. When I really need to clear my head and take a moment for myself, I like beekeeping and produce my own honey.

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