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Inview S

Advanced monitoring & controller unit for optimized operations
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LCD Touch Screen
Bravo 10, Bravo 25, Sierra 10, Sierra 25, Sierra XC
Supported Protocols
Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP, SNMP v1, v2C and v3, HTTP/HTTPS

What's in it for you?

Inview S offers you an advanced monitoring and controller unit that empowers efficient management of Bravo 10, Bravo 25, Sierra 10, Sierra 25, Sierra XC power systems. With its powerful inbuilt touch screen graphic display, web interface, and SNMP protocol support, accessing critical system information becomes a breeze. Gain full control over your power system’s configuration and setup files through the intuitive Inview software interface.

Key Features

  • Access to System Information: Inview S boasts a powerful touch screen graphic display, providing easy access to essential system information. Additionally, users can retrieve data through the web interface and SNMP protocol, ensuring flexibility and convenience in monitoring their power systems.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Inview S features two Digital Inputs and two Output Relay contacts, enabling integration with external devices and systems, further extending the unit’s capabilities.
  • Customizable Configuration: Take advantage of the Inview S interface to access and modify configuration and setup files of the modules within your power system. Tailor the settings to suit your specific needs, enabling optimized performance and energy efficiency.

Technical Data

Display 2.8″ capacitive touch screen
Digital input / Output relay 2 / 2
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 50°C
Dimension 180 mm x 83 mm x 31 mm
Part number T602004100
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