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Advanced monitoring & controller unit for optimized operations
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LCD Touch Screen
Bravo 10, Bravo 25, Sierra 10, Sierra 25, Sierra XC
Supported Protocols
Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP, SNMP v1, v2C & v3, HTTP/HTTPS

What's in it for you?

Inview X offers an advanced monitoring and controller unit compatible with Bravo 10, Bravo 25, Sierra 10, Sierra XC and Sierra 25 power systems, allowing easy access to system information through LCD screen display and web interface when coupled with Inview software.

With this advanced monitoring and controller unit at your disposal, you can experience a multitude of benefits, such as effortless system management, comprehensive insights and system configuration.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Overview: The home screen provides a summary of system power, module status, batteries, and events information, giving you a quick and convenient view of your power system.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Ethernet ports enable remote communication, web interface access, and connection of accessories like Measure Box Battery, TUS, and Gateway, facilitating seamless integration and control.
  • Custom Configuration: The Inview X interface grants you access to configuration and setup files of connected modules, providing greater control and customization options for your power system.

Technical Data

Display 7″ capacitive touch screen
Digital input / Output relay 2 / 2
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 60°C
Dimension 185 mm x 128 mm x 54 mm
Part number T602004200
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