Modular DC Solutions

Iris 25 48/380

Bidirectional DC/DC power converter to build many types of innovative solutions!
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DC 1
48 Vdc
DC 2
380 Vdc
2.4 kW
Up to
80 kW

What's in it for you?

Iris 25 – 48/380 is a bidirectional DC/DC converter using our patented ECI technology. It is designed to supply and secure DC loads, charge batteries or convert the DC of your infrastructure into another DC.

Iris can be easily integrated into shelves, sub-racks or cabinets and combined with all the other power converters from CE+T Power.

Key Features

  • Two bidirectional DC ports via double “droop control” algorithm
  • Hot-swappable
  • Compatible with multiple storage technologies
  • Modular from 2.4 kW up to 80 kW

Technical Data

In/Out: DC voltage 1 (range) 48 Vdc (40 – 60)
In/Out: DC voltage 2 (range) 380 Vdc (200 – 400)
derating 200 to 270 Vdc
Output power 2.4 kW
Efficiency: DC/DC 93.5%
Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Dimension 2U x 103 mm x 435 mm
Part number T821730071
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