UL Systems

CE+T offers a complete range of UL listed modular inverters packages.

This mark guarantees the suitability of end products and solution assemblies for factory and field installations. All products bearing a “UL Listed” mark are covered by UL’s follow-up services program. This ensures that the finished products and components marked “UL Listed” continue to be manufactured in accordance with UL’s safety requirements.

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A complete range

Our system features solutions for a wide range of output power providing conditioned and uninterrupted power to connected loads even though used with the harshest AC input sources. System outputs can be factory configured in hard wired or receptacle connections at the rear of the shelf.

UL product range

Using standard TSI inverter modules CE+T Power UL Listed systems make use of TSI technology benefits to provide efficient solutions, easy to implement and perfectly adapted to the operational constraints of mission critical applications.

Equipments like MEDIA 2IMPC and RBS are portable sub-assemblies, specially designed to complement third party products, which are generally DC power centers. Thanks to the standard mechanical design they can be directly mounted to an existing frame by which an easy interconnection can be achieved on site.

BPC in its piggyback version is also specifically designed to complete existing DC power centers even though its size and weight make it rather adapted for factory installation.

BPC and MIPS are self standing frames providing an AC backup power source from the existing DC infrastructure. Depending on the configuration and type, they can provide different levels of protection as well as various installation arrangements.

Product range summary

Depending on your output power needs and existing infrastructure, we're offering you: