New Conv2020

Our business world is constantly evolving and so are our customers expectation. At CE+T, innovation is in our DNA. This is why we are developing compact power converters adapted for multiple applications in multiple markets.


To match a wide number of applications and potential requirements, the following specs are at the base of the requirements:

  • 3 ports AC/DC/DC & AC/AC/DC
  • Enhanced efficiency (above 98%)
  • High power density
  • Parallel connections between ports & modules
  • Reversible power (bi-directional)
  • Current & voltage reversible and controlable on DC and AC port


The Challenge

In addition to the requirements above, the challenge lies in the compactness of the modules, without water cooling, and keeping handling feasible and easy for operators on site. Modules are easily integrable in electrical cabinets.

The Solution

The solution will be a high technology power converter module, isolated, AC/DC/AC, with very high efficiency. All DC ports of a solution can be combined in parallel to match the exact customer requirements, and reach the wide current / voltage envelope.
The European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia invest for our future. Total cost: 1.654.000 € with FEDER : 463.100 € and Wallonia : 694.700 €.

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