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Sustainable Power Backup for Water Supply in Germany

Case study • 21.03 2024

The quest for a resilient, eco-friendly water supply in Duisburg, Germany, has led to a groundbreaking power backup innovation. This case study highlights the collaboration between CE+T, our subsidiary Gertek, and our partner SFC Energy, showcasing a hydrogen-powered solution that is redefining industry standards for power backup systems.

The Challenge: Ensuring Reliable Power Backup in Water Supply

Netze Duisburg GmbH’s commitment to uninterrupted water supply in the city relied on finding a sustainable and reliable power backup alternative to traditional diesel generators. The objective was to implement a power backup solution that was not only environmentally friendly but also integrated seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.

Gertek’s Mastery in Power Converter Integration: Sierra and Hydrogen Synergy

Central to this project was the Sierra 25 – 48/230-277 power converter from CE+T, crucial for its three-phase, 27kVA capability. Gertek expertly integrated it with the EFOY H₂Cabinet X-Series and added the Inview S for monitoring and control, alongside necessary batteries. Gertek’s engineering extended beyond just the power converter; they efficiently managed the complete electrical setup, encompassing AC, fans, heating, and battery systems. This comprehensive approach by Gertek ensured the system’s robustness and reliability, particularly in an outdoor cabinet with challenging dimensions. Their successful handling of these logistical and technical aspects highlights Gertek’s pivotal contribution to the project. This integration resulted in a robust power management system, proficient in harnessing hydrogen fuel cells for optimal power backup.

SFC cabinet with Sierra 25 from CE+T Power for fuel cell application in water supply

Why Sierra? The Ideal Power Converter for Hydrogen and Diverse Energy Sources

The Sierra 25 – 48/230-277 stands out for its ability to efficiently convert hydrogen energy into stable, reliable power. It handles multiple energy inputs, maintaining performance even under fluctuating power conditions. This versatility is vital in systems where flexibility is as important as sustainability.

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The Hydrogen Advantage in Power Backup: Moving Beyond Diesel Generators

Transitioning to hydrogen cells signifies a major environmental advancement in power backup solutions. Hydrogen offers a clean, emission-free alternative to diesel generators. The autonomy of 900 kWh (110 hours at 8 kW) provided by this power backup system is especially notable, ensuring that critical operations are maintained without interruption.

Results: Elevating Standards in Emergency Power Backup for Water Supply

The EFOY H₂Cabinet, equipped with the Sierra power converter, has transformed Duisburg’s water supply with a powerful, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly power backup solution. This system not only guarantees an uninterrupted water supply during outages but also upholds environmental responsibility.

Conclusion: Leading the Way in Sustainable Power Backup Solutions for Utility Infrastructure

The collaboration between CE+T, Gertek, and SFC Energy is a prime example of the innovative potential in sustainable utility infrastructure. The successful integration of the Sierra power converter with hydrogen power in the EFOY H₂Cabinet X-Series sets a precedent for similar advancements in power backup solutions globally.

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