RE/SOURCED Project: Innovating Energy Management in Zwevegem

What is the RE/SOURCED Project?

RE/SOURCED stands for Renewable Energy Solutions for Urban communities based on Circular Economy policies and DC backbones. The RESOURCED project is a collaboration between multiple companies including CE+T Power, Leiedal and Fluvius to transform an old transfo site in Zwevegem into a pilot site for advanced energy management. The focus is on integrating renewable energy sources, supporting the local grid, and developing a DC network.

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RE/SOURCED Project Zwevegem with Stabiliti form CE+T

CE+T Power: Leading System Integration

As a system integrator, CE+T Power acts as the backbone of the RESOURCED project, ensuring that all technological components—whether supplied by CE+T or other providers—work together harmoniously to create an efficient, sustainable energy management system. This involves not just providing key technologies but also handling their installation, integration, management, and ongoing support.

Specifically, CE+T Power provides:

  • Stabiliti Converters: Our advanced 3-port power converters.
  • Inview Control Systems: Comprehensive monitoring and control solutions.
  • Octave Batteries: Second life LiFePO4 batteries for energy storage.
  • Installation & Cabling Services: Expert installation of all equipment and necessary cabling connections.

We have installed our system across different sites in the transfo area.


“Water Bunker” AC-DC Bridge: Building the Backbone

The AC-DC Bridge creates and supports the 700VDC Backbone with up to 500 kW bidirectional AC-DC power capability. It manages power consumption from the grid and power injection to the grid.

CE+T Power Stabiliti for RE/SOURCED Project Zwevegem

Optimizing Solar Energy: PV Installations

The PV production will be used as a priority source of energy across the site. We have two sites dedicated solely to PV installations, each integrated with Stabiliti converters to connect the PV output to the DC bus:

  • Nieuw Transfogebouw: 22 kW peak PV panels with MPPT production optimizer and remote control of production limitation.
  • Elia Gebouw: 30 kW peak PV panels with MPPT production optimizer and remote control of production limitation.

Additionally, there is another location with PV installations, which is not solely dedicated to PV production but also serves other purposes (see Car Park section).

Innovative Research Hub: “Docking Station” R&D Area

The docking station features 2 available DC connectors for third-party R&D partners, with programmable DC (200-1000VDC) and a maximum of 80kW DC available. It enables flexible DC usage (current, voltage, or power source) and offers both local and remote DC backbone power programmability.

“Water Bunker” Battery Storage System

This system includes 308 kWh recycled 2nd life LiFePO4 batteries, local AC microgrid generation for 40kVA Combined Heat and Power (CHP) connection, and 160 kW bidirectional DC backbone power capability. It also features fully integrated battery management and remote control of DC power exchange with the DC backbone to ease site power management.

Sustainable Mobility: “Car-Park” EV Charging Station

The car park supports 310 kW peak PV panels installed with MPPT production optimization across 8 independent PV areas. Having 8 independent PV areas maximizes PV production by calculating MPPT per area. It generates an AC microgrid for EV charging and local appliances, with 240 kVA available, and has a 320 kW bidirectional DC backbone power capability.

RE/SOURCED Project Car Park

Stabiliti, the Flexible Power Converter

In total, we have provided 36 Stabiliti converters for the moment. The flexibility of this 3-port power converter allows for various applications with the same converter:

  • Converting AC energy from the grid into DC.
  • Creating the DC backbone.
  • Powering EV chargers using solar energy as a priority.
  • Using solar energy to charge batteries or power equipment on-site during high production rates.
  • Utilizing battery energy to power equipment on-site or injecting excess energy back to the grid.

Stabiliti has been a game-changer for projects of this scale and complexity.

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Inview: Comprehensive Monitoring & Control

Our Inview solution can be connected to Stabiliti and other smart equipment (e.g., smart batteries, PV panels with Sunspec, etc). It integrates several PMS functionalities and provides an overview of each part of the site independently. Inview can also connect to the EMS for greater flexibility, allowing it to receive instructions and adapt the usage of Stabiliti and other components while ensuring local power needs are met.

Expert Installation & Cabling Services

CE+T Services, part of CE+T Power, specializes in installation and maintenance. Their expertise was crucial for this project, as they installed all equipment and cabling necessary to connect to the grid and DC backbone.

Setting the Standard: A Model for Future Energy Sites

This site serves as a pilot for Fluvius to develop best practices for future DC bus networks, setting a trend for energy management. It is also a model accessible to the public, demonstrating how CE+T can be your single point of contact for large-scale projects. We hope this inspires you for your future projects!

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