Power Fusion

Discover Power Fusion in 5 videos: 

Each company operating a datacenter has a well-known dream regarding power solutions: get a 100% reliability in a small space and for a good price. The combination of those three factors is particularly important because it’s easy to get closer to the 100% reliability by adding redundancy and batteries but space and price will be heavily impacted. It’s the same if we reduce batteries backup-time: we will save space and money but the reliability will not be as good.

Another factor more and more important for datacenters is the flexibility. Because the number of data stored is exploding and with more and more “cloud-oriented” business models, the trend will certainly keep going. No one can afford the price of a new datacenter equipped with hundreds of terabytes when the customers only need dozens. The perfect datacenter would then be the one where you could plug just what you need; whatever these are batteries, servers, HDD, cooling equipment or electricity. 

At CE+T Power, we imagine a completely new power configuration based on a “third power source” called Power Fusion. In place of considering a grid A + B, we added a new power source which has two main particularities: it is a DC grid and it is connected to every power sources and loads in the datacenters. This DC BUS could be seen as a complete motorway network linking everything together. Backup batteries are also connected to this DC grid as well as renewable power source: