Multidirectional Converters

Multidirectional Converters?

Multidirectinal Converters is our new product range including our new power converters. This range has been designed to offer our customers the most compact (only one module), flexible (do what you want) and modular solution for critical power backup applications and energy management

This new technology allows you to route power as you like; we manage the power conversion for you. Only the sky is the limit!

A world of new possibilities 

Just some of the new possibilities include: feeding and securing both AC & DC loadscharging batteriesshaving peak consumption, balancing phase consumption (for three-phase infrastructures), performing constant power battery testsre-injecting power into the (micro)grid and many more! 

This new CE+T Power solution increases your power resilience (robust power backup and protection against grid disturbances) while saving you money (energy bills and infrastructure design) and space.