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Your partner of choice to interact with your power infrastructure.
The power of data

Ready for the future

By making numbers meaningful, we can enter a new era. With sensorsIoT devices and the best tools for Big Data, we can significantly improve your backup performance and save you money.

By interacting with BMS & EMS (Battery & Energy Management Systems), you can leverage the potential of new applications such as energy management.

We are ready, are you?

Be informed

Be connected to your power infrastructure everywhere through:

  • Configurable alarms and notifications;
  • Logs and reports;
  • Responsive web interface (PC, tablet or smartphone);
  • Directly on the touch screen (1.8”, 2.8” or 7”*).

The monitoring sends information from a secure Ethernet connection or via Wi-Fi*.

Inview S Slot, Inview S or Inview X*, choose the version that suits you best:

* Available soon

Easy to integrate

Do you use or develop your own monitoring device? Simply connect to ours to gather all the information you need via ETH, Modbus TCP*, SNMP v1, v2c and v3* or HTTP/HTTPS.

Depending on the version, Inview can be mounted in a rack, DIN rail, door or panel. The interface can be translated in other languages. Inview also support different battery chemistries to open up new possibilities.

* Available soon

Range of solutions

For large UPS systems (loads over 10 kW), we have developed the Catena. This monitoring has the same form factor as our Flexa 200 modular UPS (3U high) and works with the T4S device:

Catena monitoring is also available via a web browser interface or 7″ touch screen and communicates via an ETH connection, among other features. This solution can be integrated with third-party solutions using Modbus or SNMP v1, v2c or v3 protocols.

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